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Before starting, please take your time to read our clan rules if you haven't yet. You will be prompted to confirm that you have read and understood them, and the application form will not allow you to continue unless you have.

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Please be aware that Åsgard respects Pop:Re's single account policy strictly, and will not hesitate to report any user who infricts this rule, within or outside the clan.

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We have elaborated these rules carefully and they reflect exactly the way the clan has worked for the past ten years. Please take your time to read these rules before submitting your application.

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Åsgard's history timeline

We have gathered the most important events that we've lived throughout the years, and we classified them into a visually attractive Timeline.

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Visit our memberlist and don't forget to check out our Leagues page too! Pop:Re has kindly provided real-time information for us to show on our site.

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We welcome members old and new to apply to join our clan. In this page, you will find a brief explanation of our recruiting process, along with a link to our clan rules.