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"Asgard is the best and most special clan out there." - [TDM]Raven

Over ten years of community and friendship

Born in 2005, Åsgard has grown to become more than a game's clan and an online community, Åsgard has become a family.

With members from all over the world collaborating and cooperating in projects that reach beyond the Populous: The Beginning online front, Åsgard has become a special place, a home for friends that in most cases have met each other in real life, and consistently work to keep the clan alive throughout the years.

In these pages we tried to summarise and offer all the information Åsgard has gathered throughout the years, which still falls short to the amount of events, projects and moments we've lived as a clan.

Over ten years of community have lead us through countless moments of laughter, lenghtly discussions and precise decisions, constant evolution to adapt to the ever changing online scenario, real life events and ever strengthening friendships, and obviously, many thousands of games.

More about Åsgard

Åsgard's history timeline

We have gathered the most important events that we've lived throughout the years, and we classified them into a visually attractive Timeline.

Full list of members

Visit our memberlist and don't forget to check out our Leagues page too! Pop:Re has kindly provided real-time information for us to show on our site.

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We welcome members old and new to apply to join our clan. In this page, you will find a brief explanation of our recruiting process, along with a link to our clan rules.