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Applicants Read:- Application Form!

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Recruitment is currently open.

we ask for:



General Information

Back in April (05) a good quarter of the members of the populous clan - Dragon Team; were growing weary of the clan's current hypocritical ideals, lack of structure and general descent into anarchy. Out of the ashes of the old DT came Åsgard - a new clan based on skilled players with a certain level of intelligence half the community seems to lack. The seperation was founded by Sub_Zero and Hundredth, with other ex-DT members MentiX, Scorpio and BlackWe soon to follow. Solo players were inducted, and players from other clans - TN, MK, and GM - also joined.

Åsgard operates under basic rules - and unlike most - actually operates as a CLAN. Loyal members, 15000+ posts in the forum less than a year old, and many clan tournamants to participate in.

The Purpose

As we are a clan by name, we consider ourselves more of a community for the people who don't take the game too seriously, like to play to have fun and have a genuinely nice attitude - this said, this does not mean that we don't have set restrictions. We need people to have some activity on both the matchmaker and the forums - inactivity will not be tolerated, interest mainly should be towards the clans general discussion, the clans future and the current events. You do not need to post in the other threads that aren't related to populous or the clan - these are simply to socialise and do something in your spare time.
The purpose - To reign supreme over all clans, unite and look united, be an inspiration to all genuine players and most of all live till populous itself ends! <-- :roll:


::: PLEASE NOTE: [AsG] must be your only interest. Applications to other clans (Regardless if current or not) will affect the council's decision. :::

Before applying it's best to read through the rules
If you agree to those then go ahead and fill out an application
-->Application Form<--

If the above link is broken or the form isn't working for you, you can answer these questions and email them to
  • 1. Populous user name:
    2. Your PopRe Profile URL:
    3. Have you owned any previous accounts on PopRe?:
    4. Real life name:
    5. Age:
    6. Location (City/State, Country):
    7. How active are you playing Populous?:
    8. Explain any periods of inactivity / time out you have taken from the game:
    9. Have you participated in any Populous tournaments/events before:
    10. Have you been in any previous clans? If so, briefly explain who and why you left:
    11. Do you post on the PopRe forums, if so, how often? whats your post count etc? if not.. why not?:
    12. Do you post on any other forums (gaming related or not):
    13. Are you able and willing to communicate with the clan via our forums or other messaging devices when not playing Populous?
    14. What do you know about Åsgard?:
    15. Who do you know in Åsgard?:
    16. Why do you want to join Åsgard?:
    17. Why should Åsgard recruit you, what would you bring to the clan?:
    18. Did anyone recommend you or invite you to apply?:
    19. Have you ever applied to Åsgard in the past? If you were rejected, why should we accept you now? If you were once a member; why should we allow you to rejoin?
    20. What is your grade in the official rankings?
    21. Do you feel this grade represents your current skill level?
    22. What are your three favourite levels?:
    23. What is your least favourite level?
    24. What is your favourite map pack?
    25. Give details of what you class as an 'ideal game of populous':
    26. Give details of what you class as a 'bad game of populous':
    27. Explain and give details of your strengths and weaknesses:
    28. Do you stream, watch Populous streams or watch Populous videos elsewhere?
    29. Do you use Teamspeak? If not; are you willing to use Teamspeak to communicate with other clan members when playing Populous?
    30. Do you contribute or have you made any contribution to the Populous community (such as elaborating maps, testing, moderating, coordinating tournaments, initiatives, etc)?
    31. Have you read and understood the clan rules?
    32. Anything else you wish to add:
If you do not put the time and effort into your application then do not expect us do the same when we receive it

You should expect to wait at least two weeks where a council discussion and vote takes place. If you win the majority of the vote, you will become a Recruit. As a recruit, you will be given a trial period to prove loyalty to the clan, posting activity and matchmaker activity. Your general lobby/game attitude and behaviour will be closely monitored. You are expected to play with other Åsgard members as much as possible! If we do see improvement and activity, you will be awarded with the [AsG] tag.

If you have any questions contact Sub Zero, Apnea, Drummerdude or Nefarius.

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