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Guide To Applying

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Struggling to fill out the application form? Maybe this will be of use to you.


Username: Tell us your current username.

Previous Name Changes: List all the names you've had, don't be shy.

Date of Creation: Go to these forums. Log in with your Pop:Re matchmaker username and password. At the bottom, next to "Registered Users:" click on your name to view your profile, as the public sees it. Copy and paste your start date.. e.g Joined: 16 May 2006. We generally won't except you if you started playing a couple of months ago. The more familiar your name is, the more likely you will be inducted. Again, if we absolutely love you - an exception may occur. Answers such as 'umm about a year ago' aren't much good to us, and please don't start exaggerating to sound old skool.

Previous Accounts: This not your first account? Tell us your original identity

How active you are: How often do you play? One game a month? 30 games a day?

RL Name: The name your mother gave you

RL Age: Tell us how old you are in real life. We tend to stay clear of youngsters, as a result of past experience. But again, don't be put off - if you consider yourself mature then don't be afraid to tell us that you're 12½ years old.

RL Location: Tell us where you live! It pleases me lots when this info is in the following format - CITY, COUNTRY. Use the same when registering an account. Click here for examples. (if you live in US, the current trend is STATE, USA - rather than city)

Total Points: Go to this page. Next to 'look up player stats', type in your current username. Tell us your total points. Again, it may be useful for you to copy and paste all your stats. [daily average, etc] We normally only consider people if they have at least 100 league points. An exception may be made if we think you are willing to play lots and gain a satisfactory amount during your recruit process.

Points gained last month: Check the aforementioned. That's last month, not this month.

Periods of inactivity: Took a break from populous? Why?

Tournament Participation: Mingled with the community in past tournaments? Let us know which!

Previous Clans: We want to know every clan you've been in - we don't care if you were abducted into the Chumara Tribe in your first week - just let us know!

Let us know why you left them! Please make this as detailed as possible. If you were kicked out, tell us. If you left because you didn't like a clanmate, tell us. If you left because of a certain incident, or you did not agree with a rule - tell us.

Do you post on pop:re: Well, do you?

Do you post on other forums: Are you a veteran forumer?!

What do you know of Åsgard?Again, the more detail you include, the more likely we'll consider you. Don't copy and paste shit from the site.

Who do you know in Åsgard? Have you played with any of us? Maybe you have some friends in the clan.

Why do you want to join Åsgard? Again, don't lie. If it's because you didn't get in The Dutch Masterz, then let us know. If it's because you've been kicked out of every other clan, then let us know. Tell us you like our members, rules, forum etc. Compliments don't do any harm.

What would you bring? What would Åsgard gain from having you as a member?

Reccomendations: The person who gave you the link to apply does not count as a reccomendation. A reccomendation is when one of us has invited you to apply, if this did not happen, - simply fill in 'none' or 'n/a'.

What's your favourite level? A nice simple question for you.

Your ideal game? What do you love about a game of populous?

Your bad game? What don't you love about a game of populous?

Strengths & Weaknesses Where do you excel? Where do you struggle? This is about populous but feel free to list personal traits

Clan Applications More clan related stuff! What clans have you APPLIED to and what happened? We just need the ones you failed to get in to if any

Anything you wish to add: This is your area to tell us about anything we may have missed and for you to win us over


We consider everyone, but we do not think twice about turning you down.

1. Populous username: Maximus
2. Previous name changes: [CIA]Maximus, [CIA]NecroMAX
3. Date of creation, current account: February 21st, 2008
4. Any previous accounts?: have no
5. How active are you?: Currently I'm spending like 5-9 hours per day in mm
6. RL name: Max
7. Age: 18
8. Location: Odessa, Ukraine
9. Total points: 313 since new statistic system
10. How many points did you get last month: 20, resumed playing after long pause
11. Explain any periods of inactivity / time out you have taken from the game: Well, I was inactive like 3 years since april 2008 'cause of lifechanges, since I've got my life priorities rebalanced. There was an another game I have beed interested at, so I devoted myself to it. Now I've got more free time and I'm back to Populous
12. Have you participated in any tournaments/events before: almost no
13. Details about previous clans: I was member of [CIA] (Chaos Inflicting Army). Since it creation Jacksparrow invited me to join them. There was a time when I changed my residence and I got no possibilities to play Populous, that how I went inactive ingame, but I was visiting my old clanforum periodically to learn how are they doin'
14. Do you post on pop:re, if so.. how often, whats your post count etc? if not.. why not?: My post count goes near 30 posts, I have been posting only in technical topics related to populous/matchmaker since I got some troubles with. It's too easy to me to make myself active on, see description below
15. Do you post on any other forums (gaming related or not): Currently I am moderating the world's biggest gaming community - Garena. It's usercount reaches over 55 million registered users. My total posts there (if you are interested of how can I be active on forums etc) reaches over 8000
16. What do you know about Åsgard?: All I have/can learn about. btw, there was some possibilities to join another clan since i decided to devote myself to one of, but i like Åsgard more cause of it's loyality in all sences of this word.
17. Who do you know in Åsgard?: Many persons of I played with. For example, Homeboy, Nefarius, Sunny, Tarigon, Shakkazulu
18. Why do you want to join Åsgard? Clan attracts me by it's loyality, good members in, and the tag is pretty good. I want to improve my gaming skils and feel myself belong to team/community
19. Why should Åsgard recruit you, what would you bring to the clan?: Currently I'm active much in mm with good gameskill, I can develop any community
20. Did anyone recommend you or invite you to apply?: No one did
21. What is your favourite level?: It seems ToM (additionally, Hel and WoM)
22. Give details of what you class as an 'ideal game of populous': The first of all this a skill based on experience. The speed of skill growth depends on each people individually. It must be supplemented by intelligence and condescention towards others
23. Give details of what you class as a 'bad game of populous': There's a kind of people which are speechless inchat or polite enough, regardless of their skill.
24. Explain and give details of your strengths and weaknesses: My strengths are the generel tactic ingame, I always learning too fast. Also I can be very communitative in any community
25. Give details of any previous applications to clans, including Åsgard (and their outcomes): Haven't applicate any time before. Jacksparrow invited me to CIA as it started himself
Anything else you wish to add: The last one thing is that I've translated Matchmaker into Russian language, which comes soon. Hope you'll enjoy my applicate and decide best