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Clan Rules

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• Rules •

Do not
-quit/suicide without making your opponents aware that you have resigned. Resigning is as simple as calling 'GG' when you know you cannot win.
-quit/suicide as host if your ally has not resigned or been defeated
-oppose use of backdoor, doubling, restrictions, rushing etc unless you agreed beforehand to play a game without that aspect.
-unpause / pause abuse.
-leak insider knowledge concerning Åsgard - the forum, the clan and its members to non-members or ex-members.
-make excuses in game such as 'OMG LUX' or spam useless bullshit such as 'OMG', 'FFS', '...' etc.
-act like a spoon in the lobby, try to act your age. Remember that when you wear the [AsG] tag, you represent the entire clan so do not participate in stupid no-brain arguments and solve matters using the block button if you must.
-join any other clan whilst in Åsgard.
-change your populous user name
-create multiple accounts to hide your identity.
-wear the tag in any other format than [AsG]. (_AsG, AsG, [AsG] etc)

You must
-wear the [AsG] tag at all times.
-try your best to remain active on our forums, getting involved in clan events and discussions. However we do understand many of us are now adults with busy lives
-respect decisions made by the council / high council.
-present your opinions and give feedback via the 'Åsgard' and 'Recruits' forum sections.
-be respectful of your fellow members and recruits
-put Åsgard first, always.

Name Changing
We do not approve of changing your name and much prefer everyone to have their own identity. We are a family; and a family knows who each other are.
In the event you joined the clan sporting a user name you feel does not represent your identity any more or you simply are not 13 years old and feel 'SOXROXXER' is no longer cool, we will allow you to change your name ONCE.

• To Join •

You must not be in any other clan. If you are, you must wait two weeks after leaving your old clan, prior to joining Åsgard. This period may be part of your recruit process if necessary. If we know that you are known for switching clans every time a new one appears you will not even be considered.

You must receive majority vote of the council.

If you have already joined Åsgard in the past, but then subsequently left for WHATEVER reason, you must receive a "yes" vote from EVERY member of the council. This includes recruits who leave for whatever reason and then reapply.

The above does not include recruits who do not pass their Valkyrie stage. If you have spent time as an AsG recruit but did not make it through, if you wish to reapply you must wait at least three months from the deletion of your forum account before doing so.

We do not allow fake namers so if you apply under another name you will be immediately declined.

We are not a clan that requires you to be a specific grade on the official rankings. We look for positive people who wish to be part of a mature and friendly community.

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