It’s renovation time!

Åsgard is turning 15 soon, which is quite unbelievable! Fifteen years ago, the first mentions of Åsgard started expanding among our founding members, a plan that would materialise in August 2005, with several [AsG] tags logging into the lobby at once.

What makes it even more special for us, is that despite of being part of an over twenty years old game, with a community that has had its ups and downs through the years, Åsgard’s indoors clan activity has never actually faltered. We had and still have inactive years lobby-wise, but our members have trascended the limits of Populous’ community and kept in touch steadily through the years in real life.

And with all this introduction is that we release a new website, and a new look and feel for our forums. Technology has always been on our side, and we keep taking advantage of that by exploring new platforms and means of communication.

You will find we have embedded our Discord channel on this site, and you can of course join us in our public chat (remember the good old IRC days? We’re bringing that back!).

You will also find a way improved application form, with adequately separated sections and guidance on how to apply to join the clan. If you’re looking to join us, make sure you have a look at our Clan rules, policies and values page. We welcome positive players regardless of their level or skill at the game, and we strive to make our community as inclusive and fun as possible.

Thanks for reading, welcome to our new site, and stay tuned!