Joining Åsgard

We have a slightly different process for members applications, and in this page we will show you how and why.

Who can join Åsgard?

Players new to the game

A big myth around clans is that you need to be a seasoned or skilled player to wear a tag.
While we value skill and expertise, we look for positive people who wish to be part of a mature and friendly community.
We have members of all skill levels. If you're new to the game and you want to learn among friends, our clan is a great place to be.

Players looking for a community

Åsgard can be described as a community within a community. Fifteen years since the date of our creation, we're still very involved with the game and the multiplayer scene. We're inquisitive and dedicated; we love being part of new roles and features. If that resonates with you, we're probably the clan you're looking for.

Players switching clans

We respect and appreciate the decision of any player who is in another clan at the moment of applying. We understand that leaving a clan for an application that may or may not have a positive outcome is a big risk. Per our rules, you must wait two weeks after leaving your old clan, prior to joining Åsgard. However, this period may be part of your recruit process if necessary.

What will I get from joining Åsgard?

Forums & Discord

You will be given access to the members exclusive channels on Discord, as well as full forums access acording to your level of membership. We have hundreds of threads related to this game and others, lifestyle, activities, fun and interactions. Fifteen years worth of information, and growing!

Tactics & Resources

AsG has been pioneer in strategy since the early days of the game. In our forums, you will find building guides and map specific conversations, tutorials for lightning battles, tips on shaman survival, etc. We also host features developed by AsG and game improvement resources.

Events & Gaming

We plan play dates and events, host and follow tournaments, and we also branch out to other games.
Fancy a game of Among Us or a throwback to the good old days of AoE with its remastered edition? We are game. AsG is all about fun in gaming.

What do I need to do to join Åsgard?

1 · Read the rules

Please, pretty please, make sure you read the rules before you hit that 'Apply' button. This is for your own understanding of how the clan works. You will be asked about them in your application form.

2 · Complete the form

The form aims to give us an idea of who you are as a player. It has many questions, and it allows you to be as extensive as you wish. For this reason, make sure you have enough time to complete it before you start.

3 · Wait for result

Please allow at least a week for us to review your application, we will contact you back via email with your result, and guide you on next steps. If you have any doubts, write to us in the lobby or in Discord.