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Members of the clan

PlayerRankMember sinceLocationForums postPop:Re GradeClan League Position
KoenKvasir4th August 2005Nootdorp, Holland144Brave31
Sub ZeroOdin4th August 2005Rafaela, Argentina10698Warrior14
HundredthOdin4th August 2005London, England12579Spy25
BlackWeVanir4th August 2005Helsinki, Finland201Warrior17
MentiXVanir7th August 2005Mariehamn, Finland4367Fire Warrior3
NanoSaurusVanir18th August 2005Helsinki, Finland1553Spy22
homeboyVanir21st September 2005New York, USA217Spy28
ZasamelVanir9th February 2006Fife, Scotland482Brave33
RagnjÆsir11th April 2006rebro/Stockholm, Sweden6637Preacher9
YekralcVanir1st May 2006Worcester, England812NoneNone
peaveyplayaVanir10th May 2006Missouri, USA759Brave36
SewerAssassinÆsir10th May 2006Texas, USA3715Spy29
shakkazuluLoki7th June 2006Florida, USA5977Spy27
RadianceVanir7th August 2006Safi, Malta3002Warrior21
StormVanir27th September 2006London, England2849Warrior19
SunnyVanir4th October 2006Bangalore, India211Brave35
SaltyVanir28th October 2006Norwich, England2216Brave34
HowlVanir30th March 2007Norwich, England2448Warrior13
SpudheadVanir8th June 2007Bristol, England283NoneNone
StaszekKvasir29th July 2007Poznan, Poland2506Warrior16
eddie20Vanir18th September 2007Enniskillen, Northern Ireland257NoneNone
SnakVanir30th October 2007Ourm, Portugal3283Warrior20
Drummerdude48Æsir3rd November 2007Waterford, Ireland10868Warrior15
DArooKvasir30th March 2008Cracow, Poland1563Warrior18
randphinesVanir27th May 2008Florida, USA1336Brave38
ApneaFrigg24th December 2008Rafaela, Argentina5079Brave30
NefariusVanir22nd March 2010Felsberg, Germany2475Shaman2
TarigonVanir4th December 2010Swansea, Wales311Spy23
MaximusVanir24th March 2011Odessa, Ukraine685Preacher12
ManL1Vanir13th September 2011Berlin, Germany246Preacher8
NightmareVanir24th March 2012Szeged, Hungary482Spy24
AdzVanir8th May 2012Portsmouth, UK328Spy26
GodzillaVanir31st October 2012Switzerland74Preacher5
WarbeastVanir19th December 2013Leoben, Austria143Preacher7
ShadowVanir7th June 2016Londrina, Brazil74Preacher11
Keith52Vanir13th June 2016New York, USA193Fire Warrior4
PandiEinherjar18th February 2017South East, United Kingdom31Brave32
KyuubiVanir25th May 201745Preacher6
FangVanir25th May 2017Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina38Brave37
PureEinherjar22nd October 2018Netherlands48Preacher10
SpinnifixEinherjar7th November 2018Zwickau, Saxony, Germany12Shaman1
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