Ex Members

PhiL joined the clan in the very early stages of Åsgard, being the seventh member to join our clan. However as he progressed with his playing, we feel he fell in with the wrong crowd and this affected his attitude a lot. His tag was suspended for rule-breaking back in April 06 and subsequently he left to join TDM.


[AsG]Sub Zero - He was a hoot.. to start with. He just got worse and worse as he got better at the game.

Cakes joined the clan back when our trademark application system was still very fresh. He was an active poster and a valued Åsgard member for a good period of time. However, we did eventually realise that he was not the right type for our clan, supporting different views and again.. mixing with the wrong type of crowd. Cakes did however leave of his own accord, in April 06, three months after he first joined the clan. Cakes spent a period in Rw, before reapplying to join AsG. Upon his rejection, he then started up new clan Caedes with FireSamurai.. which lasted about two weeks. After a period of inactivity, Cakes re-reapplied to Åsgard. He was again rejected, and still remains inactive.


[AsG]Sub Zero - It's furys father! He was actually canny cool, till he turned into a whinging muppet.

Kassaze was removed from the clan for excessive inactivity on the forum and the matchmaker. He spent 5 months with us from February - July 06. After being removed from Åsgard, kassaze started to play again. He belonged to sS, TM and PoP, all in the space of a few weeks. Kassaze currently resides with the Gods of Destruction.


[AsG]Sub Zero - Who's this guy?

AdamDM left the clan voluntarily after a conflict with the council over Rw's clan match proposition, and Åsgard's supposed 'nazi leadership'. Adam stayed with us from November 05 to August 06, however he was inactive for the majority of the time. AdamDM remains inactive.


[AsG]Radiance - AdamDM is the ex-member i miss the most, since he was a nice player to talk to, and an ace player to ally or play against. One of my best games was when i allied him on tot against sub and gen, another ex-member of AsG. A pretty hectic game, where everyone had their ups and downs. It's a shame he left after the dispute between him and the leaders.

[AsG]Ragnj - Yeah I allied him alot before he went into inactivity (whilst still in AsG) and had some ace Craters games with/against him. Shame he left but it was for a shitty reason and hes gone forever anyways (I assume).

[AsG]Hundredth - AdamDM is one of the best players i've ever played.. i'd say he's right up there with Sub/Gen/Super/Keith almost .. i know a lot of you will disagree, but players like BackStabb, Arnie, FireSamurai (wth) are often namedropped with that crop of players, and Adam would always wipe the floor with them.

Master JJ was sadly expelled from Åsgard due to his busy schedule and love for other games. This made him seemingly inable to post, and was rarely on the matchmaker. JJ remains a friend of the clan, he spent an enjoyable four months with us from March - August 06. Master JJ reapplied to Åsgard in May 07 but didn't pass his recruit stage following yet another descent into inactivity.


[AsG]Sub Zero - mmmm lemon curd.

Scorpio left the clan in September 06, after finally deciding that it was his time to take leave after a lengthy period of activity. Scorpio was the fourth person ever to join Åsgard, back in June 05. Scorpio reapplied to Åsgard under the name Acid in March 07, but left a short while after following a dispute over the rules. Scorpio is now part of TDM.


AsG]Sub Zero - Probably the one (of the ex members) who we'd miss the most, but he was nowhere near as active in Åsgard as he was in DT.

Keith52 was suspended from Åsgard in January 07, after repeatedly breaking the rule regarding multiple accounts. He acknowledged this punishment by making yet another fake name, and as a result was expelled from the clan shortly after. Although Keith is a large personality in the pop:re community, he never really contributed to our clan in the 6 months he spent with us from July 06. Keith52 is now part of revived rival clan Dragon Team.


[AsG]Sub Zero - For someone so obsessed with keeping DT alive he didn't contribute to shit here, and to think i was married to him!

Fury did eventually turn out to be Cakes II, in a spooky way. (This being a concern when he first applied). He joined Åsgard in July 06 and left to join Rw in April 07. Although he was an active contributor to the clan, he isn't missed all that much - possibly due to us learning that he added 2 years onto his age when he applied to Åsgard and never told anyone he was still a toddler!


[AsG]Howl - Fury was decent, I miss him being in Åsgard but I guess he's turned to the dark side for good now.

[AsG]Sub Zero - I'm glad that dickheads gone.

[AsG]Ragnj - I liked fury whilst he was in AsG, know hes just another of those rw ganstas.

Genesis left the clan in May 07, after spending seven months with us from October 06. Although being one of the most revered players in the community, he never really contributed all that much to our clan (similarly with Keith52). He is now an admin of the Royal Widows clan.


[AsG]Sub Zero - We got on well but i don't know whether it was genuine or not because his personality changes with whoever is around him. He seemed to prefer being more of an arse, i don't miss him being here.

Ninety was the most short-lived Asgard member to date, spending an overwhelming 18 days with us. His departure, was however by his own choice; describing himself as a 'TDMer from the start' and subsequently left for The Dark Masters. Although a lot of the clan expressed sadness at his choice, he never really contributed anything! He remains in rival clan TDM.


[AsG]Mentix - Almost didn't know he existed :/.

bdrx was a long time member of Asgard, from May 2006. He was removed from the clan in February 2008 for long periods of inactivity, which were largely ignored by the council in order to try and keep him in the clan. Eventually, he was removed as the double standard became too extreme. His is inactive to this day, but remains in good standing with the clan.


[AsG]Mentix - He was a very nice and mature dude, sucks that he wasn't online that often..

[AsG]Hundredth - gotta remember him for the good stuff though, i.e the win in the vs TDM clan match!

Kontera joined the ranks of Asgard in December of 2008, and left on his own in June of 2009. His departure was a surprise, and it confused many members. Apparently he felt his time had come to move on, and so he did. He was a helpful active member, and his departure is regretted by some.


[AsG]Drummerdude48 - Lost a good member imo.

[AsG]Ragnj - Best of luck Kakarot!

Ana24 joined Asgard in May of 2010, and left on her own in November of 2011. Her decision to leave the clan was quite a shock to the other members, many of whom would have preferred her to stay. The reasons for her departure were numerous and personal, and we wish her the best of luck.


[AsG]SewerAssassin - she was a very nice girl whose presence here was appreciated

Boyd was one of the earliest members of Asgard, joining in late 2005. He served on the council, and later the high council, for around 5 years. He was a capable leader and a valuable asset to the leadership of the clan. In 2011, it seemed that he tired of populous, and he disappeared without a word to the clan. His AWOL status and his name-changing were grounds for removal.


[AsG]Hundredth - oh mr boyd
fell into the void
of a christian cult
where he wouldn't be annoyed
by the game we call populous
that brought him back again and again
that mysterious god-loving banker
that long lost friend.

Node became a member of Asgard in September of 2009, and departed due to personal reasons in November of 2011. He felt that some of our rules were restricting his ability to artistically express himself. He was a friendly member, and it is unfortunate that his views clashed with the clan rules.


[AsG]Ragnj - good luck in the future in whatever he does.

Tacuara was admitted as a member of Asgard in August of 2011. He was a nice guy, and fit in well with the rest of the clan. Unfortunately, he slipped into deep inactivity shorty after he was admitted, and no members heard from him in the months following. He was subsequently removed from the clan in March of 2012.


[AsG]Nefarius - Too bad he slipped into inactivity without telling a word, I liked him!

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