Åsgard is the realm of the gods, the Æsir, in Norse mythology.

It was Sub that originally came up with the name of the clan, he had a pretty set idea what he wanted it to be called from the moment I mentioned making a new clan. I wasn’t too keen at first, but now I think it’s great.

The Æsir were the chief race of gods living at Åsgard. They were the gods of war and strength.

The Vanir are the lesser known race of gods that also inhabited Åsgard with the Æsir. They were the gods of nature and fertility.

The idea of naming the parts of the clan ‘Vanir’ and ‘Æsir’ was mine – from day one we knew that we wanted a democracy within the clan, based round a ‘council’ of sorts. The Æsir are the older, more experienced, wiser gods – which is exactly the same with our clan council.

Odin was the leader of the Æsir, and ruler of their home – Åsgard.

Simple. Sub was the obvious choice for the clan leader as he was and still is one of the best players out there, and he has always been well respected and well known by the community – even though partly due to being Keith52’s lover. Sub – Leader – ODIN!.

Loki, the god of mischief was one of the principal gods. Loki was made part of the Æsir when Odin christened Loki his “blood brother”.

Thor, the son of Odin – was the god of thunder.

When Sub took his leave from the game in April 2006 and appointed myself and Boyd the high council, he felt it appropiate to share the names of gods aswell.

Frigg was Odin’s wife, and said to be “the Queen of Åsgard”.

After Shakkazulu took my place as Loki, Apnea was also added to the Æsir (as Frigg) after Boyd’s departure from the clan in 2011.

The Kvasir, who were extremely wise, traveled far and wide, teaching and spreading knowledge. We considered this rank appropriate for those members who have done outstanding technology work to maintain the Populous and Åsgard community alive through the years.

The Einherjar are those that have died in battle and are brought to Valhallah by Valkyries. This name is given to currently inactive members of the clan.

A Hersir was a Viking military commander who owed allegiance to a jarl or king.

The term Valkyrie was used to describe the goddesses who served Odin, and who guided the souls of those who died in battle to the Valhallah.

“Well yeah, until you actually get in the clan you’re a ‘Valkyrie’, a more fitting label for the recruits, courtesy of myself.”