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In this form we will be asking questions about your profile, your presence online, and other aspects of your gaming character that we consider relevant in our decision making. The questions have been divided into six sections, you will be able to navigate through the sections until you finish your submission.

Please be aware that this form relies on your current browser session, and no information will be stored anywhere until you decide to send in your full application. Make sure you don’t lose the information you’ve entered.

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Section 2

About your presence online

    Please fill out the form on the previous page.

    While forums have become less popular in the last few years due to the presence of other messaging platforms, we still consider our forums as our home.

    With over 100k posts, it holds the totality of our interactions since the beginning of the clan.

    Even when life gets in the way and our members need to take a break from the game, when they return, they find their clan home welcoming them with new threads and conversations.