Åsgard map packs

Our members have worked together with dedication to produce three map packs throughout the years. One of which, Åsgard Worlds II – published in 2007, keeps ranking between first and second in the weekly map stats even today!

Åsgard Worlds

Published in 2006, Åsgard Worlds contains 16 maps that challenge the players in different strategies and contexts. From maps with uneven land to perfect symmetries, this map pack requires special attention to teamwork and to the aim of the game. This map pack was a first exercise in automation and triggers, use of specific spells, and the creation of Nilfheim and Valhallah, the maps that powered the concept of Blast Wars.

Åsgard Worlds II

Published in 2007, Åsgard Worlds II has seen our members challenge the gaming experience by using triggers, land heights, totems and spell placements in synergy to create new situations. The maps require players not only to prioritise teamwork but also to use time wisely. Maps in this map pack have achieved such a level of development that especifically timed strategies have been written for players to try and follow.

Åsgard Worlds: The Beginning

Published in 2017, Åsgard Worlds: The Beginning was created in honour of the original multi player map pack. It contains the 16 original levels that have all been amended in minor or major ways to enhance playability and competitivity, converting many maps for 4 players. This map pack evidences how tweaks in a map can directly affect the strategy and pose a new challenge for players and teams.

YouTube and Twitch channels

Populous is quite popular in the world of streaming. In fact, significant changes are being brought to the game thanks to the work of different players in the media.

Don’t miss out on new broadcasts and video streams, follow Sub’s YouTube channel and Populous’ Twitch spaces!

The Beginning

The Beginning is Sub_Zero's project -mostly- dedicated to Populous.
Over 500 Populous related videos uploaded since the creation of the channel, ranging from new single player campaigns, multiplayer commentaries, tutorials and more.

Populous: The Beginning

The general category for all videos related to Populous: The Beginning.
Countless videos and every so often a real time stream going on in the player's channels.

Members' contributions to Åsgard and Populous

A special mention to the members who have contributed to the game with different projects, within and outside of the clan.

  • To [AsG]Sub_Zero and [AsG] Hundredth
    • For the creation of this clan and for establishing the hierarchy, values and rules system, enabling this clan to follow a thorough line of leadership from the very beginning, and stand out as the most special clan in the Populous community.
  • To [AsG]Hundredth, [AsG]sewerassassin, [AsG]Staszek, [AsG]Radiance, [AsG]Sub_Zero, [AsG]Drummerdude
    • For their work in map making, brainstorming and testing for Åsgard Worlds.
  • To [AsG]DAroo, [AsG]Staszek, [AsG]Apnea, [AsG]Snak, [AsG]Nefarius
    • For their work in Populous Mana Source, a side project that hosted hundreds of pages of strategy and information about Populous in the years between 2008 and 2017.
  • To the former and current Æsir ([AsG]Storm, [AsG]Drummerdude 48, [AsG]Ragnj, [AsG]Sewerassassin)
      • For their commitment in reviewing and discussing clan related applications, situations and changes, participating in decision making and helping maintain the clan in harmony and activity throughout the years.
  • To [AsG]Koen, [AsG]DAroo, [AsG]Staszek, [AsG]Apnea
    • For their work in technology, by keeping the site and forums up to date and through the challenges of time.
  • To [AsG]Sub_Zero
    • For the project The Beginning and his involvement in making every Populous advancement widely available to the community.
  • To [AsG]shakkazulu
    • For kindly and effectively supervising the clan in the lobby and in the forums, for always addressing every player with utmost respect and warm encouragement. For teaching our members life lessons that we will never forget.