Hello Again – January 2017

It’s been almost three years since our last news update and so much has happened in between, within the clan, within populous, and within each of our members own personal lives.

There’s a lot to cover so let’s just jump straight in.

New Website

Apnea has been working tirelessly with whatever spare time she can muster to create a brand-new website for the clan. If you’re reading this update on the old website, hold your horses – it’s coming very soon.

The new website offers a more modern, polished and easier to navigate experience. It also has Populous Reincarnated(PopRe) Integration meaning that all our out of date stats from our old website are replaced with real time statistics taken from the PopRe database. This means all our active players stats are available, what games they’ve played, and if they’re currently online playing a game!

Clan Rules Updated

We have amended our clan rules to accommodate the way the world of Populous is these days, and to accommodate our aging community.

A few of the main amendments are:

  • Skill is not a requirement to join the clan
  • Players can quit a game by resigning in a tactful manner
  • Name changing is never allowed

You can find the clan rules here: Clan Rules

Application Process Improved

Alongside the new website comes a much more streamlined method of applying to the clan. Gone have the days of applying to the clan directly by email, we now have a form you can complete on the website and your completed form will be emailed to us directly.

You will then receive all further communications by the email you provided.

This new method is much less daunting and much easier to complete, check it out for yourself: (TBC)

Not a member? We’re looking for active and mature players of any skill!

We Recruit New Players

We have changed our policy (officially, this has been the case for many years) about how we recruit players.

Skill or time spent playing the game are no longer a requirement

In the past, we did not recruit players who were just new to the game as we did not know how serious they were about the game or if they would stick around. This is no longer the case.

If you’re completely new to the game, or have returned from a long period of activity, you are welcome to apply to the clan. If you are accepted your trial period will be extended and we will monitor your activity. If you simply dislike the game and disappear, or drift back in to inactivity, you will be removed from the clan. No harm done.

If you’re a mature player, I encourage you to apply. We hope to provide a second community for those who want/need it, and encourage you to continue playing this unique game.

We Are Recruiting – Recruitment Process

We are most definitely recruiting. If you’re interested in joining a friendly community and become part of a family with people from all over the world, you should read up on the clan, read and make sure you agree with the clan rules, then apply to the clan. We make it more difficult to join the clan because we only want those who are truly interested.

Once you apply to the clan a decision will take up to two weeks and you will be notified via email.
If you become a recruit you will gain access to the forums, but not the tag, and this period will last a minimum of 1 month, or 3 months if you’re new to Populous or returning from a long period of inactivity. The maximum length of the trial depends on the individual.

If you are a great fit for Asgard you will become an official member, have access to additional forums, and receive the [AsG] tag. At this point you will be monitored less but you are still required to remain active on the forums and the game.

After 2 years as a member you will earn “veteran status” and your activity will no longer be monitored. We believe after this period you have truly become one of the family and will always have a place in the clan regardless of how active you are, or if you disappear forever. You will also have access to additional forums and have the opportunity to help make decisions for the clan.

Apply today and come join a friendly, mature and active community!

Asgard 10th Anniversary

In August of 2015 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We are currently over 11 years old! It’s hard to believe that I created this clan when I was only 16 years old and in less than a month I’ll be 28.

This game and this clan is a big part of many of our lives. Next time you’re having a beer, have one for Asgard.

First Populous(?) and Asgard Baby

In 2015 we also celebrated the birth of Emily. She is the daughter of myself and Apnea and is the heir to Asgard empire! I did mention that this clan has affected some of us greatly right?

Asgard Worlds: The Beginning

2016 also saw the creation of a simple map pack that amends many of the original levels and creates interesting or unique ways to play the 2 player and 3 player maps with 4 players.

You can check out the thread on PopRe here: Asgard Worlds: The Beginning

If you thought Pressure Point was a fast paced map, Okolnir will rock your world.

Populous: The Beginning YouTube Channel

I created a Populous YouTube channel this year. It contains multiplayer gameplays, commentaries, tutorials and podcasts. I have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it so check it out.

If you love Populous you’re sure to enjoy the content on offer.

The Beginning

New Members

And we’ll end with a few belated welcomes!

VooDoo_Doll received his tag in 2014!
Warbeast received his tag in 2014!
Adz received his tag in 2014!
Shadow received his tag in July 2016
Keith received his tag in July 2016!

We lost one member in this period also; RbWilson left the clan in 2014.

We currently have KingOfSpies and Maganha as recruits. Good luck to them!

That’s it folks. Phew.

Happy New Year everyone.