Jan 2014

Happy new year everyone! I hope a safe and happy holiday season was had by all.

As usual we have been very busy since our last news post. We are happy to announce we currently have 3 new recruits; Warbeast, Voodoo_Doll and Toruk_Makto. We are also delighted to welcome RbWilson as a full member who received the [AsG] tag on December 27th.

We currently have another inhouse “point whore” tourney underway and have plans for an inhouse double elimination tourney in the pipelines. Members can sign up on the forums if interested.

Congrats to [AsG]Mentix for his outstanding performance in the Autumn/Winter Point Whore with a whopping 45 points scored for the month of November surpassing [AsG]Ragnj’s and [AsG]Drummerdude48’s valiant efforts of 37 and 34 points respectively.

Keep on keeping on!